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So, how much should I donate?

We’ve given this question careful consideration. Should the average viewer donate the same as the corporate sponsor?  Here’s what We’ve come up with: Just pretend that, once a year, you hire to do a video shoot with you, and then donate that amount.

Example 1: You are watching on Social Media or some other channel and love airhockey! Consider donating $5-$10 a month to keep the doors open and the video flowing. You pay more for other channels (ahem rhymes with Petflix and chill). 

Example 2: Your challenge match between 2 players is hiring us for 4-6 hours. $40-$60  (Doing the math, this comes to $10 per hour and allows us to pay staff and have super commentary.)

Example 3: You are a sponsor from a corporation and want branding and your commercial in the feed. Donations can range from $100-10k for ad space. Please contact us on our contact page if this is what interests you. 

Your donation probably falls somewhere between the three (and more towards the general viewer example). Donate what you can. Thanks!

UPDATE!! We are now part of the facebook creators program and you can send us stars direct in the Facebook feed! Another way donate to help us out! 🙂

Donate to keep airhockey live running!! Our goal is to get new broadcasting gear so any amount helps!!

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