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Hey there, generous soul! So, you’re pondering the age-old question: “How much should I donate?” We’ve put on our thinking caps and conjured up a hilarious answer for you. Imagine this: Once a year, you decide to shoot an epic video with, and then simply donate that same amount. Brilliant, right?

Now, let’s break it down with a dash of humor. Picture yourself scrolling through Social Media, stumbling upon our airhockey extravaganza. You’re a fan, you’re ecstatic! So, why not donate a measly $5-$10 a month to keep the doors open and the videos flowing? Think about it, you pay more for other channels (cough, cough, “Petflix and chill” anyone?).

Here’s another scenario to tickle your funny bone. You’ve got this epic showdown between two airhockey warriors, and you’ve decided to hire us for a delightful 4-6 hour shoot. So, how much should you donate? Well, let’s do the math. That’s $40-$60, which breaks down to a whopping $10 per hour. Not only will you make our staff happy, but you’ll also ensure super-duper commentary. Win-win!

Now, if you happen to be a fancy corporate sponsor seeking branding glory and a chance to showcase your commercial in our feed, things get even more exciting. Donations for ad space can range from a humble $100 all the way up to a jaw-dropping $10k. Impressive, huh? If this sounds like your cup of tea, head over to our contact page and let’s chat.

But don’t worry, we know you probably fall somewhere in between these wild examples (and likely lean more towards the average viewer category). So, donate whatever you can, my friend. Every little bit counts, and we appreciate your support. Thank you for being awesome!

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