This week in airhockey

The results are in, This week in Airhockey in Colorado Springs Colorado, Colin Cummings becomes the 6th time World Champion of airhockey!

Here are the top 10 finishers in airhockey
01 Colin
02 Vince
03 Danny
04 Avery
05 Wil
06 Brian A
07 Alex
08 Justin
09 Jacob
10 Dan

How many upsets happened this weekend in singles? (using seed number as the defining criteria)
I count 21 from the qualifiers, professional bracket including the 13/16 spinoff…
– Avery over Keith, Justin, Mike C., Alex, Wil 
- Brandon over Keith, Ben, Q in first set of spinoff
- Justin over Jacob, 
- Alex over Dan
- Syed over Phil
- Joe over Robbins
- Ben over Marcos
- Sarah over Dave P.
- Wil over Jacob
- Danny over Vince (WB)
- Austin over Steven
- Chris over Marcos
- Mike Rose over Goran, Syed
- George over Joe

Airhockey tourney at Robinhood at 9pm CST. Phil is running it. Text Phil if you are competing. Please invite a friend growing the sport starts with you! Feed Starts at 10pm CST

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